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Chicago Summer of Learning:

This summer, Teen Interns at the Adler Planetarium participated in the Chicago Summer of Learning by earning badges and leveling up through and

Check out their blogs:

Learning From Being a Camps Intern by Terry Melo

My Experience So Far by Surizaday Hernandez

Adler Teen Interns by Simeon Norfleet

The Adler Treasure Hunt by Quinn Shepherd

Final Blog by DejaMia Wouldfolk

Final Blog by Marc Cassanova

Investigating the Mysteries of Our Universe by Alexander Pei

The Doane in Different Perspectives by Keiry Hernandez

Summer: Good or Bad? by Jocelyn Nava

Astrology by Jasmine Serrano

Adler Improved by Dionte Collins

What is Summer? by Cecilia Soto

Non-Newtownian Fluids by Ayana Cochran

Being a Summer Camp Intern by Amanda Sillman


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