Impressions from Girls Do Hack

 Peer Interviews:

I had the chance to interview one of the girls that participated in Girls Do Hack after session 2 had ended, and they seemed very excited about having participated in the program. I asked them about the things that they had done, and they had made an app for MIT’s competition. They said that it was really interesting because they never knew there were so many complex steps involved in one simple task for a phone, such as clicking ‘answer’ when someone calls. What was most interesting about the exoplanet workshop was the fact that they learned that there were planets outside of our solar system. She said how she had never known there were planets outside of our solar system and only thought that was fiction. She told me that a planetary transit was when a planet goes in front of its sun but it doesn’t fully block the sun. She found out about the program through an advertisement and that she was really happy she had chosen to come because it was an amazing experience and something she definitely wouldn’t mind participating in again.  – Dawna Peterson

I had the chance to interview Izabel. She is a 18 year old senior from Limbloom. She decided to do girls do hack because it was different and she liked doing she liked doing different things. Her favorite activity of the day was the building a mobile app. She said it was really fun and exciting. During that workshop, she made two apps, a magic 8 ball app and a painting app.  -Tatiana Burns

 On the Exoplanet Workshop:

 After we learned the official methods scientists use when identifying exoplanets in the first half of the workshop, we began the second half. The second event was a scavenger hunt, which sounded simple enough. In truth, it was the exact opposite. Most scavenger hunts involve pictures or other objects, but this one involved searching for planets and stars spread throughout the Milky Way galaxy. Simple, right? Luckily, we used computer software to help find planets that had a filter to search by name and type. Plus, the help from my group, made what seemed like an impossible task achievable -London Westley

The second event of the workshop was a scavenger hunt which turned out to be way harder than you think. In the scavenger hunt you had to find an exoplanets name, host star, and what constellation the host star is in. For example, one Hot Jupiter’s name that we found was HD 192263b. During the event it was all girls besides London and I so I felt like males should win the scavenger hunt. -Xavier Elliot

Girls Do Hack was an all day event where girls got to work with  female professionals in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics. There were several workshops throughout the day where participants got to learn things like how to build iPhone apps, how to detect exoplanets, and how to use a 3D printer.  While these events were happening, Adler Astrojournalists were on the scene reporting, participating, and having a little fun. For more info on Girls Do Hack, check out: