Zooniverse & Galaxy Zoo

by Joanna De Leon

      My group and I worked on Galaxy Zoo. Galaxy Zoo is astronomy based on data from the universe and scientists go in depth about information regarding galaxies. My group and I worked with two different types of galaxies, Spiral and Elliptical. We then constructed a hypothesis as we worked with the data from Galaxy Zoo. Our hypothesis was, “When the axial ratio of a galaxy is greater than or equal to 0.7, it will have a lower local density. When the axial ratio of a galaxy is less than 0.7 and greater than 0.2, the galaxy will have a higher local density”. After we agreed on our hypothesis we also constructed a research question that was, “Is there a correlation between the axial ratio and the local density of a galaxy? Does this differ based on whether the galaxy is an elliptical or spiral shape”. Based on this we then navigated ourselves with the data, we constructed graphs, filtered out data and made sure we were left with all the data that we needed. Based on our hypothesis and research question, we constructed graphs that did agreed towards what we had stated.

        While working with my group, I feel like I had a good and productive time, we divided all the work equally and we then shared out what we were most comfortable with. We made sure we understood the information that is being presented and we were also aware of time being consumed. I feel like my group also considered everyone’s ideas fairly and if we didn’t understand some type of information we made sure to ask. Some example of how we divided the work amongst our group was asking who was more comfortable with doing what. For example I did more of the background research while someone else would do data and then we filled each other with the information. Some problems that I faced were being able to filter out the data, my group also wanted to keep it concise and clear for the audience. Another problem I faced was memorizing the information. It was much more than just reading it because I wanted to understand it clearer and understand why it happened or why it didn’t.

     An overview of what we explored was data between Spiral and Elliptical galaxies, we wanted to understand if it mattered if the galaxie was round or an oval shape in a cluster. We classified the data between round ellipticals and oval ellipticals. We then did the exact same thing with spiral galaxies. How we gathered the data was by making is greater or equal than 0.7 this being the oval galaxy and the round  galaxy was greater than 2. Continuing we then concluded that it doesn’t really have a impact whether the galaxy is oval or round, since the universe does not have an end.

      Some things that went well was working with each other in a group we were always aware of what was going on and the information that we each gathered. We also worked well in constructing the project itself, and making sure who was saying what. Some things that could have gone better was gathering all the information we needed on time and being able to construct the graphs properly. After this project some information that I learned was knowing what a spiral and elliptical galaxy were and how different galaxies interact with each other. I also learned the different type of data between spiral and elliptical, and understanding that spirals are mostly red and ellipticals are mostly blue. In the end, I really enjoyed working with my group and we were all active team members.



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