Our Galaxy Zoo Project

by Victoria Bruno

After 6 stressful and memorable weeks being in the Citizen Science Ambassadors we had finally reached our last project , Galaxy Zoo. And this was one of the best but most stressful projects I have done with my teammates. Knowing we had to present in front of many people brought a lot of second thoughts and fear to me, I have always struggled with talking in front of crowds as a kid I never liked the feeling. When it was our turn to present I had expected that I would have remembered what to say and when to say it, I had confidence but when it was my slide I had frozen up. I got scared. But luckily, I was able to have two other great team members to let me know to take my time and that everything was going just fine.

My role in the group was to explain the graphs and explain how we collected our data which was really easy to do . It’s just I let my fears and thoughts get in my way.  Today was emotional and a day I would never forget . I met so many people who I can say that they will forever be my best friends, We don’t live close near one another but the bond we had made is something that should and will always be kept. I couldn’t have asked for a better.


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