Citizen Science Ambassador Report – Snapshot Serengeti

As a whole, my experience at the Adler Planetarium was a good one. I was able to explore the museum like I had never done before. I had only been to the museum a few times in the past, so having this internship here was amazing. I saw new parts of the museum that I had never seen, and explored new relationships that I never thought I would make. Being able to look and spend so much time here at the museum this summer has opened my eyes to new things and appreciate other museums a lot more than I have ever done before.

During the course of this summer, a lot of things have motivated me to choose the Snapshot Serengeti project. I was mainly motivated to choose this project, because I wanted to experience something different and explore a topic that I had heard nothing about. I wanted to look into a different topic that I knew would be interesting and appealing to me. I was also motivated to pick this project because I saw a common interest within my peers to choose this project so it only felt right to go along with it.

My partner and I had to learn a lot of new things to be able to complete our project. We had to learn how to do the python coding, analyze a graph that was made on theiPython journal, and learn how to actually make the graphs on the iPython journal. All of these things were important for us to learn in order to finish our project. These tools helped us and will continue to help us in the future. During the course of finding answers for our research project, my partner and I found small things that interested us and motivated to look further into it. Some thing’ such as why the month of May had so many lions, or why in the warmer seasons some animals had a low count, as apposed to the colder months having a higher count.

Rainfall and Migration

If I could make any improvements to the program the only thing I would change would be the way we were taught how to do the iPython programming. I believe that some of the students would have benefited from it and would have done better in the program. It was just a little harder to work in the program because I was just given something to do and wasn’t shown exactly how to do it. I know that I was given help when I needed it but I wouldn’t have needed as much if I was showed how to do it in the first place. But, not being given the demonstration made us more independent and learning for ourselves which we will have to do in the near future as adults.

To conclude this post, I would say that my experience here at the Adler was a good one. I learned so much, built relationships, and learned things about myself, and others I would have never learned by myself. Yes the program had flaws but we can always learn from them and do even better.

My name is Danielle P. and I am currently a senior at The Ogden International School of Chicago. I am in the Citizen Science Ambassadors program here at the Adler Planetarium.




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