Citizen Science Ambassador: My Adler Experience

My time as an astro-journalist was amazing. The challenges it led to the project were difficult. But, I learned new tools to aid me in completing these challenges. When overcoming these challenges, I made new discoveries that were quite exciting. I also learned small bits of info that were not too exciting but not too important.

One of these tools I learned that aided me on completing these challenges was python coding. There were certain things I needed to make that required coding such as a double bar graph. The bar graph needed to show how galaxy’s show aging and how their stellar mass affects what they are or what they are categorized as.

Double Bar graph

Our research question to our project needed a demonstration that used a graph. The question was “ Does there exist any correlation between galaxy type and the quantity of stars within a galaxy?” I tried using Microsoft Excel but instead made one that needed coding. I did make but it looked so terrible that it was used a demonstration on what it would look like if it wasn’t done right. The data used in my graph was incorrect, the bars in the graph themselves looked the same, and all around unappealing. It was hilarious that it was used that way but I knew it wasn’t going to get used any other way.

The discovery that I found quite exciting when completing these challenges was how the amount of dust content affect Red spiral galaxies. The graphs also told a lot about our research. Such as, how galaxies show no correlation between galaxy age and stellar mass. Most of the discoveries I made during the time I was making the site were through the data sets. It showed lots of interesting data, like how almost nothing changes in the stellar mass. I discovered this during plotting on my graph.

There were also little things I learned along the way such as how to properly present our hypothesis and research question. Up until now, I used to just say the question and hypothesis but now I explained what the plots were and what they meant. It was really nerve wreaking and I just looked like a train wreck. But I managed to pull it off, even if it was pretty bad. I also learned how to be calm and mellow during the presentation. I know it may not seem like much, but it was really challenging for me because I’m such a shy person to new people. But once you get know me I’m really a fun person. These thing’s aren’t related to my project, but these were challenges to my that I had to face.




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