Adler Experience

During this whole project, things progressed really fast. Due to the constant change of our questions, at a total count of 3 times, we couldn’t finish early. What motivated me, even when there was not that could be done and things got boring, was my partners. They made things really fun and kept me interested.

In our time during the project, I learned many things, such as new tools that were needed through out the group project. iPython was mostly worked on by Miguel, who had greatly contributed to our website and work. Also a few things I learned during this project were information about the galaxy, such as the existence of the galactic center and the Sun’s location from it.

plot post1 plot post2

Some ways I contributed to our project were by working on the website designing along with J’khai and the presentation during the community bash. J’khai and I both edited the things like the background, images, and added posts to the site. Also, the way I contributed to the presentation was answering 1 question that the others couldn’t answer to the crowd.

Some questions that I had during this whole project were: do I need to know iPython or another form of coding if I do decide to work with creating games?


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