My Experience So Far

by Surizaday Hernandez

Five days a week for five hours a day you will find me working at the Adler planetarium. I am having an awesome time working here. I am learning A LOT of great information about anything to do with the outer Earth. One specific topic that my internship has made me appreciate is comets. I am fascinated by the fact the all of Earths water comes from comets that crashed into this planet billions of years ago. What I like most about comets it that they are only made out of ice and dust. I find that quite fascinating because these are simple materials the I can easily find at my house. I’ve gained a lot of knowledge on comets that’s for sure.

I’ve made so much progress with speaking skills. In the beginning of the internship I made some goals for what I was expecting to gain from this internship, and the main one was to improve in my speaking skills. I have never been good at communicating or just talking in general. During the years of elementary I developed a very insecure personality because of some really bad experiences with some school peers. I’ve beeing coming out of my shell little by little since then. During this internship I had to act as an actual staff member and do activity carts. There are different kinds of activity carts, but the very first one I tried out was Balloon rockets. For this activity I have to explain the law of physics “for every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction” by launching a balloon rocket with a just straw and tape. The first time I did the activity by myself I was shaking, sweating, getting goosebumps, tearing up; you name it I probably went through it. I stuttered a bit but I was able to suck it up and launch a rocket to the moon because I had a lot of support from michael Simms and his crew. I am confident enough to go out and encourage people to come join my for a rocket launch.

My favorite part of the day is lunch time! I always eat at Galileo’s Cafe at the any table really close to the window so I can stare at lake michigan. Sometimes I start eating alone because of my schedule for the day. Lunch has always and forever will be my favorite part of every day. I love how we have the freedom to eat wherever we want because I can go outside and eat by the lake. Lunch gives me time to get myself together, so I always look forward to that. The best lunch is when I get to spend it with all my co workers because we just spend the whole time laughing. Another awesome thing about working here at the Adler Planetarium is that we get a 20% discount for Galileos cafe. I think the chicken tenders are awesome there and I love how i get a discount when I buy them.

Even though I didn’t really get to go out with my friends in the summer it was still one of the best summer vacations of my life. I got to meet new people and make friends with all of them. I learned what it’s like to have a job with a lot of requirements. Everything I learned here got me really excited because this isn’t the usual stuff I learn at school. For example I learned the difference between dressing up business casual and just business. For some people this might not be important, but to me it is because business casual to me used to be jeans and a nice blouse. The small things of this internship make a big difference in my life.


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