Adler Teen Interns

by Simeon Norfleet

This summer has been a wonderful experience working with summer camps at the Adler Planetarium. It all went by so fast but I know that I have learned some valuable skills applicable to anything I want to do in the future. Teamwork is one thing that I worked on this summer with my fellow interns ( #Terry #DejaMiaGraceWouldfolk #Amanda ). We all know the struggle of Oobleck, a non-newtonian substance made of water and cornstarch that does not follow newton’s law of liquids, from the mixing to get the right consistency to cleaning the never ending pile of dishes and Oobleck (cement) mixer. We overcame this vigorous manual labor by banding together and making, playing with, and cleaning that oobleck. Oobleck wasn’t all bad though. It might have been best part of the curriculum in the #SummerWorldsTour camps. The kids had so much fun testing it with their rovers. The assignment was to build rovers that could float on oobleck for 15 seconds and be pulled out of the OObleck easily with 2 fingers. There were some rovers with the inability to float but almost every single camper tried their best to construct a successful rover and was a good sport about it. But there are always the exceptions and that brings me to another skill that i developed this summer: Patience.

Kids will naturally be rowdy but different grade levels deserve different levels of patience from the leader of the class. For example the kindergarten through 1st grade group of camp required a lot more patience because of how young they were and the fact that they were still learning how to correctly behave. But the same level of patience would not be applied to the seventh through ninth graders in tech camp because they are old enough to know what’s right and wrong in most situations. Learning how to gauge the way I interact with people is vital with the campers and in any other situation as well. For example I have to approach people just as old as me differently in the workspace, than I would on the street.


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