Final Blog

by Marc Cassanova

Whether you’ve heard about it or not, if you like opening up your mind to our universe, then I think the Adler Planetarium is a cool place to check out. Before I started working here, I never knew about the Adler. I found out about it through high school when I was looking for internships to apply to. Don’t be fooled like I was, the Adler is not just another boring museum. Before actually exploring it, I imagined the Adler just being like any other museum; glass exhibits, and lots of information. In my opinion, this is sort of boring. Although it has these traditional museum components there is more to the Adler than just that.

After applying, I got accepted as a Telescope Intern, and my first thoughts on the Adler were proven wrong. The Adler is NOT boring. Although working here has been an educational experience, it’s also been a fun one. There are a variety of activities you can do to keep you busy in and outside of the building. The Doane Telescope, for example, is one of the activities you can check out to keep you doing something.

As a Telescope Intern, the Doane is where I work for most of my internship. So far, the other interns and I have done solar viewing with the public. This is where we encourage people to come and check out the Doane so we can give out some cool facts about our Sun, and the building itself. For example, the building was created in 1977 and because of Halley’s Comet, the Adler was able to raise some money and buy a new telescope, which was created in 1987. Before I started working in the Doane, being able to operate the telescope sounded like a fun job. I turned out to be right, and being able to look through was an added bonus. Everything’s great, just mind the long periods of standing, and the bugs you might see crawling around.

When I’m not in the Doane, I either work on making a tour with World Wide Telescope, which is a program that allows us to view space in different ways, or on an independent project that was showcased at this year’s Community Bash, which is an event that showcases the teen interns’ work. At first I felt like making the tour was something that I would not want to do during the summer, since it sounded like school work. I felt like I should be relaxing instead of working. But it’s actually been fun to make something with other teens, mainly because it was showcased at the Community Bash.

My independent project was something in the works. When I figure out what exactly what I wanted to do, it was fun to show off at the Community Bash along with the other interns’ projects. The project was a live presentation in the Grainger Theater explaining how we view and navigate our sky with the constellations. I’ve already gotten a better understanding about space in general, and I like to talk about it with friends and family. So I hope some you guys come and check out the Adler, and get a cool experience out of it while you’re there.


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