Adler Improved

by Dionte Collins

Have you ever looked at the Adler and wondered what would it look like cooler or improved? Well if you haven’t, then this could give you some ideas. Here at the Adler Planetarium, I get the chance to do a lot of things. I learn about how the seasons are caused by the Earth’s rotation, and how Black Holes do not suck objects into their cores, but pull them with gravity. However, something that I always thought and wanted to see were a few additions to the museum. Due to the fact that the Planetarium is so small, only a limited number of exhibits can be held. However, most people prefer to think about the possibilities and what-ifs. How else could we improve our museum if we never bothered to think of new ideas?

In order to get more visitors, I would suggest adding a more complex variety of interactive challenges. A lot of the games are too easy for many visitors over the age of 10, such as the rocket launch in Planet Explorers, and the Assyrian king chair in the astronomy and culture sector (however, I did like feeling like a king). How about some that are more of a challenge? Being a teenager, something that I like to see and experience are challenges for the brain. Adler has a variety of interfaces that can teach kids the basic knowledge of space that most people of my age already understand and or have extensive knowledge about. A good way to fix this is to make more challenging interactive courses.

How would someone put this plan into action? Well, we can ask people questions on the Adler website and in the museum itself about things that each person would like to see, and based on which topic or subject they choose the Adler expands on the subject. Further adding to the amount of visitors the Adler receives. A good idea would be to make a game that acts like a tycoon where you create your space station and try to colonize all of the planets in the solar system. With each planet comes a different difficulty setting, and you have to colonize based on the planet’s environment.

So, how about that? This is just one person’s point of view, but I do believe that it could help the Adler be more engaging for teenagers. As far as I see it, all the Adler really needs. I would like to see these changes. Mostly because I’m the kind of guy who prefers a challenge more than anything else. But ask yourself, what would you like to see at the Adler?


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