Operation Airlift: An observer’s view on Team Mitchigan

by Dejamia Wouldfolk

Team Mitchigan, a group of students at Chicago’s Air Force Academy High School, two mentors and two teachers. Their goal? To win Operation Airlift. The team’s name is a mixture of both of their teachers, Ms. Mitchell and Ms. Milligan.

Operation Airlift is a yearly competition in which students attempt to build a successful ROV on their own with the slight help of mentors and teachers. They must all work together cohesively towards their goal. The ROV must be able to fly, be remotely controlled and lift a certain amount of weight.

Team Mitchigan was an interesting team to observe. They started out as quiet, shy people, not sure what to do first. As the day went on they progressively communicated more and more with each other. They were the first team to successfully complete the testing of their ROV. They kept good sportsmanship and mutual respect towards themselves, their teammates, their teachers and their mentors.

They were supportive of one another and worked diligently. They stayed on task without the help of their teachers, which I found to be impressive. These high school students worked together as researchers, bloggers, builders and marketers. These are all skills that will help them when they’re older and entering the workforce as well as everyday.

The team was confident throughout the day. They thought they had a late start but they still worked hard to catch up and ended up bypassing the rest of their competition for the first half of the day. I think it’s essential for students to participate in team competitions early in their life. It teaches them to have good sportsmanship, communicate well and play fairly.

If they win, they definitely deserve it. They seemed to really enjoy their time and thought it was a good experience for them. They were very happy and grateful to be a part of the Adler’s Operation Airlift. Since at the time of this article, the competition is still running, I guess we’ll see. May the best team win and good luck to everyone.


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