Come back soon for new posts on Astrobiology…

Firsts posts on 4/9/12, with more to come soon!


3 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. I can’t wait for the future of this program for our generation! I’m so excited that there’s finally something I can learn from that stands a part from all other informational outlets! These are some great writers with greater potential to carry out this type of work! I’m truly amazed I learned in depth science concepts without being bored or mentally exhausted! Such an awesome blog you guys! (:

  2. I was wondering, will there be any blogs about any new or possible assumptions in the universe or will they all be based on facts and previous information?
    I personally think a little perspective on some theories would be fun to read about.

    • Hi There J.M,

      Though based on facts/evidence, all of our blog post subjects are actually just theories. I see what you are saying though, you’re hoping for posts that are more “unknown”? Check out the recent post about methane on Mars; this post details all the current explanations for the methane recently found on Mars and leaves the reader with a lot of questions!

      Otherwise, blog subjects are up to the author of the post! So bug your friends if you want to see a certain subject covered :).

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